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Photorealistic images can act as an impressive marketing tool. At Blue Thorn we have experience of producing photorealistic images going back to the            mid-nineties (before the company started).

Whilst CAD tools such as Navisworks are providing much better photorealism the best results can be achieved using more specialist packages.                           Blue Thorn use Autodesks 3DSMax, this gives us the option of animation as well as visualisation.

Most examples here are building services based but the technology can be turned to any field. But it is said pictures speak a thousand words, so below is a selection of our photorealistic images.


Copper Pipe Module - Image01


Multi-Service Module

Copper Pipe Module - Image01        



The Connection To Two Plate Heat Exchangers

 3DS Max Image of Plantroom Plate Heat Exchangers

A Section Of A Modular Riser Proposed In A Prestigeous London Development

 3DS Max Image of Modularised Pipework Riser

A Proposed Chiller Module That Could Be Linked Up To serve A Whole Line Of Chillers

 3DS Max Image of Chiller Mounted On Pipework Module

Close Up Of A Dosing Pot System

 3DS Max Image of Pump Set and Dosing Pot

Pipework Serving A Fan Coil Unit With The Roof Removed From The Apartment Building

 3DS Max Image of Fan Coil Unit With Apartment Development

Part View Of APlantroom

3DS Max Image Of Plantroom and Plant Equipment

Services Module
3DS Max Image of Combined Multi-Service Module
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