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For the ultimate marketing tool Blue Thorn can provide 3D animation. This can be applied to any area, not just building services. An animation may separate you from the competition when trying to explain concepts to win a contract.

Animation can be quite 'stiff' with the traditional format being a slow walk around a site or equipment in one long shot. If you're trying to make an impression, shorter shots with innovative cuts and music can really pep up the presentation (ask the advertising industry). You can also look at mixing it in with a powerpoint presentation, the animation may be chopped into segments and run when the presenter requires it.

At Blue Thorn we use Autodesk's 3DSMAX and have been using it since it's early incarnations from it's original developers. This allows us not just to photorealistically (or stylistically) fly around a site or an object but allows interaction with the site. Machines can move and pick things up, cars can drive, doors can open and shut etc...

For some examples of animations we have done in the past look at the animation section of our Case Studies page

 Mill Harbour Plantroom  BP Chiller Area  BAA Plantroom Refurb