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A lot of projects save time and money by refurbishing existing buildings rather than start the whole construction process from scratch.

Whilst there is a saving to be made there are also drawbacks. The chances are that the original design of the building did not allow for the myriad of services required in today's modern buildings. It is also likely that previous structural plans are missing or outdated and almost certainly won't be computerised in CAD format.

Blue Thorn have experience of working on projects such as these. We understand that an integral part of the task is surveying all parts of the structure and/or existing services in an efficient and thorough manner.                                                                                                                                                                             We also understand that lateral and original thinking may need to be applied to solve the many challenges which may occur and we will work with our client and other contractors to provide as good coordination solution.

For examples of our refurbishment projects see our case studies area.