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Navis Clash Detection and Visualisation

Although we do undertake full visualisation and animation projects this section is not about the 'photorealistic' side of things. Instead it emphasises how modern software can make visualisation and animation an engineering tool instead of just a marketing aid.

Autodesk's 'Navisworks' package allows our 3D coordinated models to be imported into the program, once imported it can be used for several beneficial applications.

Probably the most important is clash detection. Clashes between services will always occur to some degree. Although our staff aim to minimise these we can undertake a final check to ensure there are no clashes between services. The system will check the model within the parameters we set it and report on any clashes or near misses that occur. Once highlighted we can remedy the problem.

Another useful tool is real-time 3D walk-round. This allows our client, contractors or fitters to look around our coordinated model on the computer, allowing them to understand the philosophy of how the services coordinate together and also allows them to take measurements and mark/red-line any issues which they believe need highlighting. It allows the user to cut sections through, record their walkround or take 'snapshot' images of the model.

To use the more complicate tools the user will need to purchase the software but the basic walk-round the package is available on a free download from the Autodesk website.


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