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Ductwork Fabrication

A step on from installation drawings are fabrication drawings. We have often produced fabrication drawings from our coordinated ductwork model.

When doing these drawings we liaise with the ductwork fabricator to ascertain their standard manufacturing dimensions such as cut-length and gasket thickness.  We review the specification to find the pressure of the system and preferences for duct fitting types, access etc. and set our system to incorporate the relevant standards from DW-144, DW-172 or otherwise and incorporate the specification requirements.

Once more knowledge of ductwork systems and accuracy is key to providing a successful solution.                                                                                                       In recent projects we have modelled using 'CADDuct' allowing our models to be exported straight into a CAM machine for fabrication. 

The following are some examples of duct fabrication projects we have completed

North Staffordshire Hospital

This was a new and exciting challenge for us. We had to produce drawings that were not only to fabrication standard but were also to be exported straight to a CAM duct fabrication machine. This meant our drawings would no longer be checked and interpreted by a duct fabrication company, but would be made as detailed by our coordinators.

To aid our accuracy we developed a system which worked with CADDuct, exporting all item numbers and duct connection positions into a database. The program would then alter the database, removing item numbers where they were not needed, renumbering the items in consecutive order and writing the information back out to the drawing. It would also pair up duct end positions so it could indentify any potential disconnects.

The whole operation worked very well and the entire ductwork installation progressed very quickly. Ductwork over a 1000m sq area took around a week to install.

 Derby Hospital

We coordinated all of the services on two large areas at Derby Hospital, including the theatre level. The ductwork fabricator and installer, ASM, approached us to produce their fabrication drawings.                         This was a challenge as we were using our own EasyBuild 3D modelling software and we had only used it for installation drawings before.

We spent two weeks updating the software to allow item numbering, automatic item sorting and re-allocation, adding lengths, angles and bend radii to ductwork. The end result was impressive and we were able to produce high quality fabrication drawings to ASM's exacting standards.