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Custom Programming

From the very start at Blue Thorn we have programmed our own software to create and mark 3D building service models. What we continue to do is adapt the system to improve our drawing methods to deliver more accurate projects to our clients.

In any given project we can spot issues or flaws in the system that may lead to errors. We then have the capability to program the system to alleviate some of these problems. So, for example, we have programs to check the connections of duct ends to ensure they are connected to duct ends of a similar size and flange types. Our programs check item numbering to ensure no items are repeated and that all items that should have numbers, do have numbers.

In fact, using VB.Net, AutoLISP and Access Databases we have developed a whole range of checking programs that are tailored to any particular project to check the drawings in various ways. It is also worth mentioning we have written a complete 3D services software modelling system more details of which can be seen on our Software page.