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Hospital Case Studies

Client: Crown House Technologies

Project: North Staffordshire PFI Hospital (094)

Completed: January 2011

North Staffordshire PFI Hospital

North Staffordshire University Hospital

This project involved coordination of the huge, new North Staffordshore Hospital building. We were the main coordinators on the site, coordinating most of the areas.

Each block was between five and eight storeys high with  mutliple plantrooms serving each one.

Crown House and Laing O Rourke were determined to introduce new and innovative working methods on this projects and duly invited us to help in their preparatory work looking at new construction and installation methods. The result was a build that was highly modularised, very ambitious with it's installation targets but keen that access and maintainability would not be compromised.

On the whole this proceeded very successfully with widespread acclaimation in the trade press.  Each phase improved on the previous one with the experience gained on each one proving invaluable.

All in all we coordinated and around a thousand modules, producing individual drawings for each one.

Another modern practice adopted here was the production of ductwork fabrication drawings straight from the model. The CADDuct system we used allowed our models to be imported straight into the CAM machines of the fabricators for duct fabrication.